The PKO Bank Polski SA Group against its peer group

In order to maintain comparability of Banks results included in the peer group, the figures for 2015 were adjusted for one-off events: BFG fees in connection with the bankruptcy of the Spółdzielczy Bank Rzemiosła i Rolnictwa based in Wołomin (SBRiR in Wołomin) and feed for Borrowers Support Fund.

In 2015 Banks peer group implemented additional revenues from one-off events, such as the sale of shares in subsidiaries and associates, compensation under the insurance contract. These events have not been excluded from the data for 2015.

The results of the banking sector in 2015 remained under pressure of low interest rates turned out to be lower than those achieved in 2014. In 2015, the PKO Bank Polski SA Group achieved high financial results, at a slightly lower level that those achieved in previous periods

Net profit

*Restated data.

In 2015, financial results of the banking sector were influenced by low interest rates, higher credit risk costs, accompanied by positive influence of cost discipline. In 2015 the profitability ratios of the PKO Bank Polski SA Group also decreased.

Capital adequacy ratio

*Restated data.

The capital situation of the banking sector in 2015 remained stable and as a result, total capital ratio remained on a high level in the whole sector.

As at 31 December 2015 total capital ratio was calculated based on the provisions of the CRR Regulation. In 2015 the PKO Bank Polski SA increased a capital base by way of the accumulation of a profit achieved in 2014 and risk-weighted assets optimization. Undertaken actions allowed to strengthen a capital position of the PKO Bank Polski SA compared to its peer group.