Key financial indicators

The summary of results, achieved by the PKO Bank Polski SA Group in 2015, is represented by the following key financial efficiency indicators, which are shown in the table below.

Financial indicators of the PKO Bank Polski SA Group

  31.12.2015 31.12.2014 Change 2015-2014
ROA net (net profit/average total assets)* 1,0% 1,4% -0.4 p.p.
ROE net (net profit/average total equity)* 9,0% 12,4% -3.4 p.p.
C/I (cost to income ratio)* 56,6% 47,1% 9.5 p.p.
Interest margin (net interest income/average interest–bearing assets)* 3,0% 3,6% -0.6 p.p.
The share of impaired loans** 6,6% 6,9% -0.3 p.p.
Cost of risk*** -0,72% -0,96% 0.3 p.p.
Total capital ratio (own funds/total capital requirement*12,5) 14,6% 13,0% 1.6 p.p.

* Income statement items used in calculating indicators capture the period of the last four quarters (annual recognition), while the statement of financial position items capture the average of the last five quarterly values of the respective assets and liabilities.

** Calculated by dividing the gross carrying amount of impaired loans and advances by the gross carrying amount of loans and advances to customers.

*** Calculated by dividing the balance of impairment allowances on loans and advances to customers over period of 12 months by average balance of loans and advances granted to customers at the beginning and end of reporting period and quarterly periods in between.