Retail Segment

In 2015, activities undertaken by the Bank within the retail segment were focused on increasing attractiveness and competitiveness of products offered, with flexible reaction to changing market conditions. In the retail segment PKO Bank Polski SA continued sustained development, focused on recognizing and satisfying needs of customers with whom it wants to build strong, long-term relationships. Actions aimed on improvement of the customer service quality i.e. through the development of employees competencies (product trainings) and actions leading to increase innovation in the new financial solutions, not only concerning products, but distribution channels as well, particularly in electronic banking and mobile payments were taken.

Capacity building for service banking products through electronic channels, the Bank consistently implemented strategy for the popularizing of customer service electronic channels.

At the end of 2015, the number of serviced clients in the retail segment amounted to 8 968 thousand, of which 8 538 thousand were individuals. Half of the retail clients is actively using electronic banking. The number of customers using mobile banking IKO is constantly growing, at the end of 2015 there were more than 430 thousand. 

With an extensive sales network of banking services and products offered to retail customers are widely available. Most of the Bank’s customers (approx.. 67%) live in municipalities of less than 100 thousand residents. Reliable Brand Bank’s ability to combine tradition and modernity, and a clear product offer, taking into account the time-varying customer preferences makes the Bank to be recognized not only in large urban centres.

The most important distribution channel in terms of number of retail clients acquired was branch network. Acquisition of new customers is carried out mainly through the sale of current accounts(approx.96%)

Age structure of Bank's clients

Distribution of the Bank's customers by place of residence

The loan offer in the retail segment

The PKO Bank Polski SA’s offer includes a wide range of loan products. Retail, private and mortgage banking customers can take advantage of financing available under the consumer loans in the form of cash loan, Aurum and Platinum loan, mortgage loan, revolving loans and credit cards as well as financing available under housing loans. The loan offer in the form of investment and investor loans is available for Small and medium enterprises

By the end of 2015 of gross loans retail segment of PKO Bank Polski SA amounted to PLN 139.9 billion and from the beginning of the year increased by PLN 6.3 billion (4.7%). Large contribution to the new sales growth increase was the portfolio of mortgage loans (+ 5.1% since the beginning of the year), as well as an increase in consumer loans to clients retail and private banking (+ 8.8%) i.e. due to the increase in new sales.

Loans structure of the retail segment at the 31.12.2015

Loans in retail segment (PLN million)

  31.12.2015 31.12.2014 31.12.2013 31.12.2012 31.12.2011 Change: 2015/2014 Change (mPLN)
Loans and advances granted, gross, of which:              
retail and private banking 23 340 21 455 20 399 21 601 24 248 8.8% 1 885
mortgage banking 95 217 90 623 68 795 63 815 63 155 5.1% 4 594
small and medium enterprises 21 313 21 504 21 632 20 930 23 498 (0.9%) 91
Total 139 870 133 582 110 827 106 347 110 901 4.7% 6 288

Retail and private banking loans

Retail customers can take advantage of both the standard Cash Loan, as well as the current financing available under the revolving loans and credit cards. A special offer of the Aurum and Platinium loans with available high amounts of loans and competitive pricing parameters, is available for the affluent clients.

In 2015, PKO Bank Polski SA continued the action of promoting sales of consumer loans, mainly focused on the cash loan and the Aurum/Platinium loan. In concern to cash loans and credit Aurum / Platinum Bank prepared special offers addressed to customers of PKO Bank Polski SA, as well as to persons previously not benefiting from the cash loans offer or transferring the debt to PKO Bank Polski SA. As part of these deals available preferential price conditions, reduced margins for customers engaged in selected occupations, ending repayment Aurum / Platinium occurring to increase the loan amount, actively using a revolving loan or credit card.

PKO Bank Polski SA taken action to increase the availability of credit offer customers retail and private banking. For this purpose:

  • increased the amount of loans available without collateral:
    - cash loans sold remotely to 50 thousand. PLN,
    - loans sold in other channels to the level of 120 thousand. PLN,
    - credit Aurum / Platinum to the level of 200 thousand. PLN.
  • simplified criteria and formalities associated with receiving credit or cash loans by introducing the possibility of documenting income in the form of a tax return PIT,
  • replaced the need for accession of the spouse in the loan agreement by making an agreement to incur liability by a spouse,
  • make available modern sales process cash loans fully on-line "loan one-click", thanks to which through electronic banking iPKO customer can receive funds from the account of the loan even in a minute.

In addition, within the framework of action to facilitate the Bank's customers access to the product offer via the Internet and mobile devices, since June 2015, PKO Bank Polski SA offers the possibility of opening a revolving credit limit or increase of existing limit for individual and shared accounts without the need to sign a contract or an annex in paper form. The customer has the ability to determine how to sign the contract/annex and additionally possibility to select between the authorization tool on the website, using SMS code or TAN code and receiving documents by courier.

In 2015, Bank has extended to the standard offer in Inteligo by revolving credit sales process, and in the eBanking platform process for sales of revolving loan called "one-click". New processes include possibility to apply remotely both for revolving credit in savings-settlement account, and to change the amount of the credit limit.

Mortgage banking loans

In the discussed period the Bank maintained a strong position on the housing loans market. According to the data presented by the Polish Bank Association (‘ZBP’), PKO Bank Polski SA ranked first on the market with its 24.9% share in sale of housing loans for individuals. Since the beginning of the year the Bank granted loans for a total amount of approx. 9.9 billion PLN.

In 2015, the Bank conducted promotional campaigns for mortgage loans under the slogan "Open Days Mortgage", to support the sale of loans and mortgage loans, consisting in offering attractive pricing for:

  • Mortgages „WŁASNY KĄT”,
  • “Własny Kąt Hipoteczny” Package,
  • Mortgage loan under the program "Mieszkanie dla Młodych”

The Bank's share in the new marketof new sale of mortages*

*source: ZBP, share of the Bank calculated including Nordea Bank Polska SA from the time of incorporating into the PKO Bank Polski SA Group

During this period, PKO Bank Polski SA continued granting housing loans with financial support from Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego under the "Apartment for Young " program. The program is basing on funding from the state budget's own contribution and grant additional financial support in the form of repayment of the loan. Since the beginning of September 2015, the loans are granted on the basis of modified regulation, which has affected in increased chances for the first apartment for person previously non-creditworthy, significant relief for large families, larger metric of a flat and the ability to purchase house on the secondary market. Group of people that can be covered by the Program has been extended: people that do not have credit standing can take a credit with any other, indicated by them person, before changes in program policies it had to be a family member. Additionally, for families with three and more children the requirement of "first home" was abolished, which means that they can apply for a loan for a bigger accommodation and be the owner of another property. The amount of own contribution funding also increased, and it depends on the number of children raised in the family applying for a loan.

In 2015 PKO Bank Polski SA under the program "Mieszkanie dla Młodych" granted nearly 4.8 thousand loans with the total amount of 781 million PLN. To meet the expectations of customers with denominate loans in Swiss francs, PKO Bank Polish SA decided to apply 1% spread in handling mortgage loans in this currency from 27 January 2015 until 30 June 2016, due to the significant appreciation of the Swiss franc against the Polish Zloty. At the same time, with respect to all clients, Bank takes into account the negative rate of LIBOR CHF in the cost of mortgage and allowed to extend the deadline for repayment within the maximum lending period, refraining from the payment for the extension of the lending period. All actions taken by the Bank to a significant extent enabled customers to compensate an increase in loan instalments due to the strengthening of the CHF.

Additionally Bank provided the customers with the opportunity to apply for a change of collateral granted in CHF in order to enable the sale of real estate secured by mortgage associated with the granting of a new loan in PLN and the establishment of a mortgage on a newly purchased property.

Loans for small and medium enterprises

PKO Bank Polski SA consistently supported Polish entrepreneurship. Companies from the sector of small and medium-sized enterprises provide funding for current and investment needs through extensive and flexible range of credit. Thanks to the „credit guarantee de minimis" agreement between the PKO Bank Polski SA and Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego under the government program of support for small and medium-sized businesses, entrepreneurs receive support in the form of guarantees BGK - de minimis, designed to increase the availability of credit and the launch additional funds for the company's ongoing operations. As at 31 December 2015 nearly 16 thousand companies benefited from the "credit guarantee de minimis” agreement. Value of loans amounted to 4.8 billion PLN.

PKO Bank Polski SA was the largest lender among the twenty-one banks providing credit guarantees de minimis and comprised 24.7% market share (according to data provided by the Warranties and Guarantees Centre of Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego as at 31 December 2015).

Continued cooperation with Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego under the "Portfolio Guarantee Line de minimis" and the great interest in the product from customers has resulted in signing annexes to the agreement with BGK by PKO Bank Polski SA in 2015, finally resulting in the increase of the granted guarantee limit in the amount of 4.8 billion PLN and the extension of the contract until the end of 2016. As at 31 December 2015, the exposure measured by the value of active contracts signed amounted to 2.6 billion PLN.

Additionally, in October 2015, the Bank concluded with Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego contract portfolio guarantee line from the counter guarantees granted by the European Investment Fund in COSME (PLG COSME). Guarantees under the PLG COSME program will be covered by the scope of the granted loans with the limit of 80 million PLN until 31 October 2016. COSME is the EU Framework Programme for the Competitiveness of Enterprises and small and medium enterprises for the years 2014-2020. The program aims to stimulate lending and investment capital for small and medium-sized enterprises in Europe.

Furthermore in 2015 the Bank extended the offer for small and medium enterprises with the possibility of granting mortgage loans MSP also in the part of scoring methods to assess the risk of this group of customers, while reducing the minimum loan amount from 50 thousand to 5 thousand PLN and entering limiting the total maximum exposure to a single customer in the amount of PLN 2 million and expand the range of entities that can apply for a MSP loan with farmers foundations and associations. In the same period Bank extended a working capital loans offer led to the housing associations with the possibility of financing revolving loans, allowing this group of customers to maintain an optimal level of its financial liquidity, as well as it can complement their financial resources in case of mismatch of liabilities and deposits.

The deposit and investment offer

In 2015 PKO Bank Polski SA continued the initiatives designed to make deposit offer for retail clients more attractive, taking into account the current market and competitive position.

As at 31 December 2015 deposits of the retail segment of PKO Bank Polski SA amounted to PLN 147.6 billion and from the beginning of the year increased by PLN 8.5 billion (6.1%). It was caused by the increase in deposits of retail and private banking (+4.9% since the beginning of the year) and increase in deposits of small and medium-sized enterprises (+15.0% since the beginning of the year), both due to volume growth of current and term deposits, the prominent faster growth in current deposits.

Deposits in the retail segment (in PLN million)

  31.12.2015 31.12.2014 31.12.2013 31.12.2012 31.12.2011 Change: 2015/2014 Change (mPLN)
Client deposits, of which:              
retail and private banking 127 833 121 893 110 608 105 799 99 958 4,9% 5 940
small and medium enterprises 19 803 17 213 14 757 13 413 14 323 15,0% 2 590
Total 147 636 139 106 125 365 119 212 114 280 6,1% 8 530

Current and saving accounts

PKO Bank Polski SA is the market leader in the number of current accounts, which at the end of 2015 amounted to 6.6 million. The present level of accounts is derived from the varied offer in terms of customer preferences, which can be distinguished among others: PKO account without Borders, PKO account for Zero, PKO account for Young, PKO Cheerful account PKO first account and PKO Junior. The decrease in the number of accounts since the beginning of the year is mainly due to harmonizing of the methodology for calculating the acquired bank accounts after the merger operations. 

Current accounts number (thousand)

To meet the expectations of Inteligo customers, in September 2015 sale of account Inteligo Account Child had started with attractive interest rates and a modern service called PKO Junior.

Small and medium-sized businesses clients are interested in a comprehensive, modern and cost-effective service, with respect to these requirements and needs Bank offers a wide range of business packages. Keeping up with the dynamic development of Bank customers, in 2015 the Bank enriched the offer with a Mobile package as a practical solution for individuals engaged in self-employment and individuals profession, providing a comprehensive and modern financial management business through the mobile app. This new product is aimed at entrepreneurs who are running their business using smartphones and want to keep managing their finance. IKO allows them to also accept payments from customers by the phone number. For customers making payments by debit card, and perform transfers to ZUS, the package is available for PLN 0.

Term deposits and regular saving products

Deposits of retail and private banking have the dominant share in retail deposits. Customers in this segment were allocating resources primarily in time deposits. Since the beginning of 2015, the Bank offered individual customers, among others, deposits with progressive and standard rate (even and odd investment, 3M deposit, 6M deposit, 3 + 9 + 12 deposit, 24M deposit) and structured deposits.

Term deposits that occur in the Bank's offer and which retail customers were particularly interested in: 24M deposit with negotiated interest rates, 24M deposit for new funds, 6M internet investment which is available in the electronic banking system with interest conditioned by the amount of the deposit, term deposit account 3+ 3 for new funds and deposits 3 + 3 with an negotiated interest rate.

Deposit structure of the retail segment at the 31.12.2015

Moreover in this period, a special 3-month term deposit offer was made available to customers with Aurum Gold Account, Platinum or Platinum II, and having one of the following products: a policy of long-term investments in the form of life insurance with insurance capital fund, an investment program Akcjomat, pension package offered by PKO TFI SA or Individual retirement security Account offered by PKO PTE SA. Part of the standard offer of the Bank dedicated to individual clients is structured instruments sold in the form of structured deposits or Bank Securities. In 2015, the Bank carried out 14 subscriptions of 7 structured deposits, which were an investment based on a basket of shares of Asian companies and on the basket of shares of seven gold companies, investment based on a basket of shares of global automotive, investments based on the USD / PLN exchange rate (6-month and 12-month), deposit based on the EUR / PLN exchange rate and investment based on the exchange rate of CHF / PLN. Having such products in its sales offer allows the Bank to offer an attractive product to its customers and helps to improve PKO Bank Polski SA image as an institution offering innovative instruments.

Moreover, in the second half of 2015 bank introduced a new pension product - Individual Security Retirement Accounts, prepared in cooperation with PKO PTE SA. Individual Security Retirement Account enables Bank clients to save for retirement while enjoying annual tax relief.

Once again in the analysed period, deposit with progressive interest under the name “Business deposit” were introduced for limited time offer, offering sector of small and medium-sized enterprises customers the opportunity to deposit surplus funds held for a period of 3, 6 or 12 months. Also, Inteligo customers were proposed a three-month progressive deposit, offered under the name “Deposit increasing”. Furthermore, small and medium-sized business customers have the opportunity to purchase Dynamic Deposit 12-month with progressive rate. To meet customer expectations the Bank simplifies the process of selling the highly popular automatic deposit, eliminating the need to conclude a separate agreement.

Investment funds

In cooperation with PKO TFI SA, the Bank offers 38 nondedicated funds to the retail and private banking customers, with total assets of PLN 18.2 billion (source: report of the Chamber of Fund and Asset Management as of 31.12.2015).

In 2015 PKO Bank Polski SA systematically developed an offer in the field of investment funds. The Bank has emitted Investment Certificates B Series PKO Global Innovative Companies (closed investment fund). Additionally in this period, emitted Investment Certificates A series PKO Commercial Real Estate. Both issues have expended the range offered to customers, diversified investment strategies.

In 2015, the Bank in cooperation with PKO TFI added to the subfund offer PKO Shares of European Market and conducted further issue certificates Closed Investment Funds: PKO Commercial Real Estate, PKO Europe East-West PKO Multi Strategy, PKO Companies Innovative Global, the PKO Global Macroeconomics, PKO global Strategy and PKO global Income.

Moreover in cooperation with PKO TFI SA developed Specialized Investing Program PKO Akcjomat. This product is opened in the source subfund – PKO Skarbiec, and in the next 12 months, funds are monthly transferred to the selected subfund or Portfolio.

In 2015, Bank introduced an offer of a dedicated Private Banking insurance contract with insurance capital fund "Long-Term Investment Policy". The new product combines life insurance and investment capital funds insurance. Long-term Investment Policy provides access to global investment solutions, so that in a single portfolio customer can invest in Polish and foreign equity funds.

At the same time, in this period, since 2014 PKO Bank Polski SA systematically expanded sales of Life insurance offer with insurance capital fund directed to the primary customer segment.

In June 2015, referring to the best practices possibility of concluding a MiFID general agreement was introduced. It takes only to sign a contract with PKO Bank Polish SA and activate the selected services and products to take advantage of the wide range of investment services, such as general advice, investment advice or investment products (mutual funds, insurance, structured products, structured deposits).

Sales of State Treasury bonds

PKO Bank Polski SA is the only one that sells and handles retail bonds emitted by the State Treasury, under the agreement with Ministry of Finance. Retail bonds are being sold by extensive sales network of the Bank, which is convenient for all interested in investment. In 2015, over 32 million units were sold, of which nearly 9 million units were the very popular short term bonds (KOS).

Other products and services in the retail segment

Banking cards

As at the end of 2015 a number of credit cards of PKO Bank Polski SA amounted to approx. 7.5 million (including 0.8 million credit cards). In 2015 PKO Bank Polski SA added new features that aim to facilitate management and card usage for customers:

  • possibility to apply for corporate debit cards at the Contact Center and iPKO service was implemented,
  • possibility to apply for additional credit card issued for indicated person without the physical presence in one of the Bank's branches was implemented for customers who already had signed an contract with the Bank,
  • two new cards were made available to the segment of small and medium-sized business customers,: a embossed debit card and charge card along with insurance package. Both cards are issued by VISA,
  • a new service of taking over responsibility by the Bank for any unauthorized transactions made prior to notification of card loss was made available for all SME debit cards holders. With it, users of SME debit cards have the possibility to transfer responsibility to the Bank for unauthorized contactless transactions to an amount equivalent in PLN of 50 EUR for contactless transactions and to an amount equivalent in PLN of 150 EUR for contact payments, made before reporting the loss of the card,
  • extended the offer with city cards that have all the features of a payment card, entitling at the same time to use public transport. Currently, these cards operate in Warsaw and Wroclaw,
  • allowed to sell credit cards outside the headquarters of the Bank. The first event, during which the bank offered credit cards outside the institutions was Midsummer race in Gdynia,
  • the growing popularity of contactless gadgets has prompted the Bank to extend the offer to all customer groups. From November 2015 PKO Bank Polski SA offers to all holders of personal accounts option of paying for purchases using the convenient contactless stickers. Payments using the sticker are made from the available funds in the account savings and clearing and settlement as well as transactions made with a debit card.

Payment cards number (thousand)

Insurance and investment-insurance products

PKO Bank Polski SA consistently expands the offer of insurance products therefore increasing the attractiveness of related banking products and giving customers the ability to take advantage of additional financial services tailored to their needs and expectations. PKO Bank Polski SA offers insurance products to retail clients and private banking as well as the segment of small and medium-sized businesses related to banking products such as:

  • ROR (including Life insurance. NNW Insurance, Assistance Insurance, Travel Insurance)
  • bank cards (including security package to credit cards, charge and debit cards, Travel insurance, Repayment Insurance)
  • consumer loans, mortgages and business (Life and unemployment Insurance, Low contribution Insurance, Bridge Insurance, Real estate Insurance, Assistance Insurance)

Bank in its portfolio of savings products has also one of the most beneficial solutions in the market for insurance capital funds. Due to the fact that that product category was not yet available through the Bank's branches, it is one of the most dynamically developing services.

In 2015, PKO Bank Polski SA in accordance with U recommendation implemented good practices in the field of bancassurance, and therefore Bank changed the current business model of insurance sales to agency model. As a result of these changes in the offer of PKO Bank Polski SA new individual insurance appeared as a replacement of the insurances in the form of a group, such as:

  • A package of individual insurance for Cash Loan (base and extended), to Inteligo Loan and Loan Aurum / Platinum (base and extended)
  • Individual life insurance for customers who have entered into a loan agreement or loan secured by a mortgage,
  • Individual insurance of mortgage / mortgage for customers with credit or mortgage loans,
  • Individual insurance Superochrona homes and residential mortgage borrowers and borrowers mortgage loans.

The insurance products premiums less returns (in PLN million)

In the field of life insurance, PKO Bank Polski SA offers products primarily made in cooperation with PKO Life Insurance Company SA. However, in the area of property insurance PKO Bank Polski SA in the first quarter of 2015 created the company PKO Insurance Company, while continuing to work with existing partners. The first service provided by the new company is available since 2015 which is insurance against loss of income or hospital treatment of credit card holders bundled with life insurance of sister company.

The premium of insurance products without returns increased in comparison with the previous year by 57% and amounted to PLN 1.16 billion as at 31 December 2015.

There are works in progress to implement of the other products offered by PKO TU SA and PKO Life TU SA and gained increasing synergies resulting from the cooperation of the two insurance companies belonging to the Bank Group.

Private banking

PKO Bank Polski SA consistently implements the model of Private Banking, focusing on close cooperation within the Group (Dom Maklerski PKO Bank Polski SA and PKO TFI SA), allowing customers access to a wide range of products and financial instruments.Currently, the Office of Private Banking function in 9 major Polish cities: Warsaw, Gdansk, Krakow, Katowice, Poznan, Wroclaw, Lodz, Szczecin and Bydgoszcz (institution was launched as part of the Office of Private Banking in Gdansk). All Office has a prestigious location guarantees customers a discreet and comfortable handling. The Centre Private Banking also distinguished by a professional team of advisors, ensuring safety of assets entrusted by clients. The Bank is also focused on the constant development of Advisors Private Banking, continuing the process of certification under the EFA program EFPA. This certification is a confirmation of the highest professional qualifications in the field of financial advisory services

Distribution network

As at 31 December 2015 the retail network of PKO Bank Polski SA had 1 230 branches and 8 offices retail banking. In comparison to the end of 2014 total number of retail branches declined by 42 outlets, which resulted primarily from the liquidation of branches operating in the same small environment, turning branches acquired bank's network of PKO Bank Polski SA.

Operational data in retail segment

  31.12.2011 31.12.2012 31.12.2013 31.12.2014 31.12.2015 Change 2015/2014 Change 2015-2014
Number of branches in the retail segment: 1 131 1 134 1 147 1 280 1 238 -3,3% (42)
retail branches 1 119 1 120 1 130 1 261 1 219 -3,3% (42)
regional retail branches 12 11 11 11 11 0,0% 0
private banking branches 0 3 6 8 8 0,0% 0
Number of ATMs 2 457 2 803 2 992 3 065 3 196 4,3% 131
Number of agencies 1 400 1 208 1 074 1 001 881 -12,0% (120)

Branch network and agencies

Improving the conditions of customer service network is one of the tasks of supporting the strategic program "Improving the efficiency of the distribution network of branches and agencies." Since early 2015, these activities focused on the modernization of branches, moving offices to new, attractive locations and the creation of new branches. They were aimed at increasing the competitiveness of the market, improved customer service and optimization of the area occupied by the troops. This supports efficient customer acquisition and customer service is the guarantee of a comfortable and uniform conditions, regardless of the place of service.

Essential complement to the network of branches and ATMs is a network of agencies. As at 31 December 2015, PKO Bank Polski SA collaborated with 881 agencies and in relation to 31 December 2014 the number of agencies has decreased by 120 units. The decrease in the number of agencies is a continuation of efforts to increase network efficiency.

Electronic banking

Retail customers within the iPKO service can benefit from a package of electronic banking services. In addition to small and medium-sized enterprises there is a possibility of using electronic banking services under the name iPKO Business. Using these services provides customers with access to information about their accounts and products, as well as allows you to make transactions through: Internet, self-service terminals, telephone. At the end of December 2015, the number of customers with access iPKO was 7.8 million. From the beginning of 2015, customers can enjoy the full functionality of the new internet banking service iPKO. The new version of the website is more user-friendly. Service can be customized to the needs of individual students, name the bills, it's easy to manage tabs, bookmarks and transparent facilitate the use of a wide range of services offered. In iPKO you can also use a single click of the revolving credit facility and apply for a cash loan without visiting the branch.

The number of customers with access iPKO (thousand)

Mobile Banking IKO

IKO is the most popular and most developed mobile payment system in Poland. It combines the functions of mobile banking with the ability to make mobile payments. IKO applications use more than 430 thousand costumers. 

In 2015, an application was enhanced with new functionalities such as phone top-up card, view details of standing orders, credit cards and credits, as well as the ability to send requests for many transfer to another application user. In addition, in this period it was extended catalogue of disposal that can be performed by users with individual accounts in PKO Bank Polski SA and Inteligo accounts, introducing the possibility of setting up deposits through the IKO application. The Bank offers these clients term deposits for 1, 3, 6 or 12 months. The change significantly transformed IKO application used for payments or mobile payments to the bank application in the phone.

Since November 2015 the Bank’s clients can use the new version of the IKO application, which is the next step to provide customers a full new mobile banking standard, ranging from financial management, and ending with purchases from a mobile phone. The new version of the IKO is a convenient, intuitive navigation in line with the latest trends and use of the account and the balance before logging operations or directly from the main screen.

In 2015, based on IKO payments was established new Polish standard in mobile payment BLIK. BLIK is a universal form of payments and cash withdrawals from ATMs without using cash or credit card, built together with partner banks and the National Clearing House. On 31 December 2015, the network of acceptance of mobile payments (IKO, BLIK) was more than 130 thousand (eService terminals and First Data) devices throughout the country. Due to the implementation of the BLIK system, IKO application now allows a withdrawal in more than 13 thousand own ATMs PKO Bank Polski SA, Bank Millennium, BZ WBK SA, ING Bank Slaski SA, Euronet ATMs (about 5.8 thousand.) And IT Card (about 1 thousand). With this application you can also make payments for purchases in more than 25 thousands of online stores supported, among others, Dotpay, eCard, Przelewy24,, First Data and Cash Bill.

The project "From IKO to BLIKA" in 2015 was recognized the best innovation in the payments world. The cooperation of competitors, far-reaching vision and the ability to independently create innovative solutions are the most important reasons why bankers from around the world recognized project of transforming the mobile application IKO created by PKO Bank Polski SA, the market standard payment BLIK for the best innovation in payments.

Contact Center of PKO Bank Polski SA

Contact Center is important in retail customer service. The aim of this unit is to conduct the sale of products offered by the Bank during incoming and outgoing calls and to provide efficient and effective customer service, by means of remote communication. The duties of the Contact Center in particular are:

  • sale of banking products in the inbound and outbound
  • support remote sales processes initiated on the web,
  • handling incoming calls from customers of the retail segment,
  • outgoing calls initiated by the Bank (task information)
  • call handling safety inbound and outbound
  • service email correspondence,
  • answers to questions asked by customers infosite and service iPKO
  • internal customer service (helpdesk essential for branch employees)
  • early monitoring of receivables.