Training policy

PKO Bank Polski SA offers its employees various forms to raise professional qualifications. The Bank carries out development projects of hard and soft skills. The team of a few dozen internal trainers conducts group’s and position’s trainings.

In the key strategic training projects, group trainings and workshops are conducted by external companies. E-learning platform, mainly for training on product knowledge, processes and IT applications service, is actively used by the Bank.

All actions taken as a part of the training policy support the execution of the Bank’s strategy and are adapted to the current needs of the employees and the possibilities of the organization. Objectives of the training projects executed in 2014:

  • development of employees’ competencies in line with the PKO Bank Polski SA agenda,
  • increasing commitment to the performance of business tasks
  • improvement of skills associated with selling techniques,
  • maintaining the highest possible customer service quality,
  • supporting the positive attitude to changes among the Bank’s employees,
  • advancement of the bank’s values.

In 2015, over 370 thousand participants attended the training courses organized by PKO Bank Polski SA:

  • e-learning – 6 e-learning training courses were available for all employees. Additionally a few dedicated business courses were available for the different business groups of employees. On average, one employee participated in 13 e-learning training courses,
  • in-house training courses - one employee participated in one in-house training course.

The training courses and workshops conducted at the Bank are addressed to the employees of PKO Bank Polski SA and the network of agencies of PKO Bank Polski SA. This allows the employees of the Bank and the agency network to make use of high quality training courses carried out in line with the training methodology and standards of the Bank. Moreover, the framework agreements signed with training companies offer attractive terms and conditions, including training rates.

The training courses conducted as part of the Catalogue of Training Courses are available to all of the Bank’s employees. The said training courses develop PKO Bank Polski SA’s competence and guarantee that the employees participate in closed training courses. These trainings develop competences of the PKO Bank Polski SA and knowledge of project management and MS Office tools. In 2015, a total of 1,177 employees of the Bank and 56 employees of the Group benefited from the training courses.

In 2015 two important training/development projects were realized at the Bank:

  • New Manager Program – adaptation program for new Bank’s managers - 221 new managers took part in it,
  • Talents of PKO Bank Polski program – training program aimed catered to 140 employees of the Bank (together 7 themes and 1 training course for Talent program tutors, 3 event-workshop gatherings: about 180 participants in each)

As part of building the employees’ competencies, the chosen employees were handed development vouchers. They were used by 1000 employees.

Apart from training and development programs, tailor-made internal workshops are realized at the Bank. They are aimed at building commitment in teams and improving the business activities of individual units (processes, communication, collaboration, business results, etc.). In 2015, a team of internal moderators completed workshops for 1643 employees of the Bank.

In 2015, 258 employees of the Bank participated in group language courses and 215 employees benefited from individual foreign language courses. Additionally, in 2015 Virtual Language Classrooms were launched of which benefited 38 employees of the Bank.

In connection to the business requirements of the market in 2015 following training activities were carried out:

  • implementation of the OFWCA examination allowing to gain the status of an individual person performing agency activities related to the sale of insurance products - employees of retail chains (15 000) and employees of the agency network of PKO Bank Polski SA (1 775)
  • Uniwersalizacja program (Comprehensive customer service by one advisor) - 1 417 retail chains employees,
  • improving the efficiency of distribution network of agencies - 179 employees of PKO Bank Polski SA network of agencies,
  • New Model of Personal Banking 2.0 – 914 advisors,
  • New Credit Process – 230 corporate advisors and credit analysts,
  • Training activities for former employees of the SKOK „Wesoła” – adaptation trainings for 47 employees.

The training policy conducted by companies of the PKO Bank Polski SA Group aims to provide professional development, including the adaptation of knowledge and competence to the changing legal and macroeconomic environment.