Implementation of the strategy „PKO Bank Polski Codziennie Najlepszy” for 2013 - 2015

During the implementation of „PKO Bank Polski Codziennie Najlepszy” strategy, the Bank successfully continued his mission as the leader of the Polish banking sector, committed to improving service offerings to its customer and building long-term relationships with them. The Bank implemented the modern market standards gradually rising the quality of services, efficiency of the organization and utilizing synergies in the operations of the Bank and the Group. 2013 – 2015 passed in the PKO Bank Polski SA marked as the implementation of key strategic initiatives, which are the foundation and its further dynamic development. These included:

  • activities building a new organizational culture, involves investing in human resources and shaping a culture based on values and a new competence model,
  • implementation of the new philosophy of the Bank’s management, including: the centralization of support functions, standardization and optimization of processes, optimizing assets management, improving risk management, high cost-effectiveness and changes in the management of IT, as an area open to the business needs actively supporting its initiatives,
  • improvement of the customer service quality, which effects have been confirmed by numerous awards and distinctions for PKO Bank Polski SA, also among internet users as well as commercial success of Contact Center PKO Bank Polski SA, annually-awarded as the best among the bank hotlines,
  • reorganization of the management model of the Group, which consists of optimizing its activities, strengthening interdependence and synergy, complementarity of tenders, the integration of support functions, efforts to simplify the organizational structure, focus on “core business” and the creation of a mortgage bank and new insurance companies.

A the same time during the implementation of the strategy 2013-2015 the Bank conducted active measures, aimed at adapting the scope and objectives of activity, to the new regulatory environment, market and macro-economic which was a subject of dynamic changes, which concerned: historically low interest rates, rising operation costs of banks (higher premiums for BFG), a decline in net fees and commissions (including the reduction of interchange fees) or the implementation of the Financial Supervision Authority recommendation (“U” , “P”). Despite these restrictions the Bank has achieved a high strategic objectives, efficiently managed the credit risk, including lowering the level of risk consistently, as well as keeping a solid position of capital and liquidity.

The most important business achievements of PKO Bank Polski SA, supporting the implementation of the “PKO Bank Polski Codziennie Najlepszy” strategy were:

  • Merger with Nordea Bank Polska SA
    In April 2015 the integration process of PKO Bank Polski Sa with Nordea Bank Polska SA has ended. As a part of operational merger data of 300 thousand customers was acquired by systems of PKO Bank Polski SA, transaction system and services have been unified. The integration of the acquired bank was the fastest conducted process of mergers in Poland, it confirmed the high operational efficiency and high level of competence throughout the organization.
  • Establishment of PKO Bank Hipoteczny SA
    In the second quarter of 2015, PKO Bank Hipoteczny SA began its activity. The task of the Bank is to obtain long-term financing through the issuance of mortgage bonds. Implementation of the new mortgage banking model is to provide a safe structure of financing of long-term mortgage loan portfolio.
  • Development of the new insurance model 
    The integration of Nordea Bank Polska SA and the acquisition of insurance competences, accelerated the development of bancassurance area. PKO Bank Polski Sa Group was expanded by life insurance company PKO Życie Towarzystwo Ubezpieczeń SA, which completes the offer of life insurance and other personal insurance.
  • Implementation of the Polish Payments Standard
    PKO Bank Polski SA and Alior Bank SA, Millenium Bank SA, Bank Zachodni WBK SA, BRE Bank SA, ING Bank Slaski SA, carried out the activities related to the construction of a common standard of mobile payments, which was available for above listed bank in February 2015 under the name of BLIK. Mobile payments system BLIK has been built on the basis of IKO the PKO Polski Bank SA application, developing at the same time product range.
  • Development of electronic banking
    Implementation of new versions and services of iPKO and iPKO Biznes – the modern solutions that help individual and corporate clients using electronic channels. At the same time developing product and functional range in the internet channel.
  • Development of mobile banking
    Since 2013, IKO mobile application is functioning in the Bank’s offer, that in the following years of strategy implementation went through a dynamic development of the functionality in the direction tending to the implementation of advanced mobile banking – from financial management through the implementation of purchases using a mobile phone. New payment system BLIK, has become a market standard, it was also initiated and launched by the Bank. BLIK is used by the clients of the largest banks in Poland.
  • Implementation of the New Sales Rhythm
    New Sales Rhythm launched in July 2015 is a continuation of the development path chose by the Bank, that leads to the realization of strategic objectives through the constant development of innovation. Implementation of the multi-channel solutions, based on optimized processes and new products with individually matched prices, customers will have the opportunity to use the bank’s services with the most convenient for themselves ways: by the contact with an advisor at the branch, as well as through smartphones, electronic banking, contact centre and ATM’s.
  • Strengthening leadership on brokerage market
    Brokerage house of PKO Bank Polski SA was the most active on the stock and bonds market. It was a leader in terms of number and value of transactions carried out on the capital market. Company has the largest distribution network of brokerage services and has of the best analytical and institutional teams in Poland.
  • Development of offers for SME 
    Bank’s offer was enriched with an offer for small and medium-sized companies with mobile bundle consisting of dedicated banking products and services for active traders. PKO Bank Polski SA strengthened its position as the largest lender among banks granting loans with guarantees “de minimis”, and concluded with Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego (‘BGK’) an agreement concerning the participation in the COSME EU program, which aim is to stimulate lending and equity investment for SMEs.
  • Development of offers for corporations and governments
    Specialization of corporate customer service was made in the new organizational structure, which makes it easier to offer specialized products, tailored to the specific needs of different customer segments. The Bank also strengthened position in support of local governments, gaining a number of new centres and cities reaching 20% share in the financing of local government loans and 40% share in the field of municipal bond issues.
  • Foreign expansion
    The process of starting a corporate branch in Germany have been completed. In December 2015 PKO Bank Polski Niederlassung Deustchland started its activity as the first branch of the Bank opened abroad. The opening of a branch in Germany is the first step in international expansion, which focuses on the business activity of Polish companies abroad.

As a part of the strategic initiatives in 2015, the PKO BP Faktoring SA was transferred to the PKO Leasing SA Group, NEPTUN – the investment fund of non-public assets was created, it is managed by PKO TFI SA to whom PKO Bank Polski SA is successively disposing shares of companies whose business is not complementary to financial service offer provided by the Bank.