Charity activities of the PKO Bank Polski SA’s Foundation

The aim of the PKO Bank Polski SA Foundation, which fits in the Strategy 2013-2015 is to deepen customer relationships, understood as the co-financing of projects aimed at building social solidarity and strengthening emotional ties all stakeholders with the brand Founder. Multiplying good also promotes building the image of employer (employer branding). The Foundation sees the common good in building civil society and participates in projects, often initiated by the employees of the Bank - Volunteers. The Foundation supports, substantively and financially numerous projects of environments and societies that are important for the development of the Poland.

The main financing source of the Foundation are donations from the Funder, transmitted in accordance with the Foundations Financial Plan. Additional funds for grants come from the profit generated during the non-cash transactions made by customers of Inteligo associated with two affinity cards: ‘Good brings profit’ (‘Dobro procentuje’) (since 2013) and the Polish Artificial Heart (contract expired in Q1 2015). Every three months PKO Bank Polski SA divided profit from each transaction conducted using the charity cards.

During the five years since the start of operation, the Foundation has allocated more than PLN 52.5 million for social activities. Subsidized initiatives are part of one of the seven program areas: EDUCATION, TRADITION, HOPE, HEALTH, CULTURE, ECOLOGY, SPORT.

In 2015, the implementation of 42 strategic projects, including 5 special strategic projects (which do not require to establish a partnership with an external organization): Banking blood donation, Integrative Meetings with Santa Claus, Banking Collection, Banking and Gift John Weber Collection, the foundation donated PLN 9.7 million.

In a partnership at the local level for the implementation of 212 local projects the Foundation provided more than PLN 2 million. For the first time in 2015 PKO Charity Run took place, which happened at 12 stadiums throughout the country simultaneously. This is a special project at the local level.

Help for individuals, both for children and adults amounted to PLN 1 million. Number of individual beneficiaries amounted to 91, among which 36 persons are employees of PKO Bank Polski SA or their families. Help for 64 individuals was granted by the Charity Action running as part of a special project of the Foundation at the individual level.

Foundation's engagement in the implementation of projects

The Foundation also mediates in the process of making donations in the form of IT equipment and furniture withdrawn from use of the branches of PKO Bank Polski SA. In 2015, computers with a total value of PLN 55,600 went to 21 organizations. Furniture worth PLN 32 thousand was handed to 38 beneficiaries.

In the Employee Voluntary system there are 1,185 persons registered. These people have the opportunity to submit their own local or individual social project. Cooperation Foundation and the Volunteer is used to verify the credibility of the applicant and building relationships between the Bank and the local environment. In addition, all volunteers can register their non-bank involvement, sharing good practice and informing the Foundation of worth supporting local initiatives.

Volunteering is the engine of permanent change. Everyone is selflessly taking up new challenges to improve communication skills and cooperation within the group, as well as gaining knowledge about project-oriented work. Volunteer enhances self-esteem, and his attitude is an inspiration to others.

The PKO Bank Polski SA Foundation activities are becoming more visible and stand out from other banking activities of corporate foundations. Charity influences shaping the image of PKO Bank Polski SA as a socially-responsible business. The support provided by the Foundation contributes to building strong relationships with the environment of the Bank and to strengthen mutual trust.