Prizes and awards granted to entities of the PKO Bank Polski SA Group

In 2015, PKO Bank Polski SA was awarded numerous prizes and awards. We have been recognized for innovative products and services, excellent customer service, management staff of the Bank, excellent financial results and the overall business of the Bank.

The most important awards granted are: 

Products and services
Golden Banker 2014 In the sixth edition of the contest Bank was the winner in the categories "Deposit" and "Credit for entrepreneurs" in a poll organized by Internet users once again in the history of the plebiscite appreciated the offer of PKO Bank Polski SA. He won the statuette of "Golden Banker" award introduced in summer 2014 and the Capital Building Programme for SME loan. Both products have accumulated the same number of votes equal to 26 percent.
The best Contact Center Contact Center PKO Bank Polski SA once again found himself on the top step of the podium study conducted by the ARC Market and Opinion. The final ranking of telephone and email earning 97.7 points out of 100 possible to get beat 12 banks. The victory decided the quality and competence of employees. Pollsters highly evaluated kindness, professionalism and commitment of consultants and their knowledge of product and substantive preparation for talks.
The best private banking offer according to „Wprost” The jury "Portfolio Wprost" appreciated PKO Bank Polski SA for the retail banking business by highlighting it in the category of private banking. In a two-step evaluation based on the results of market research and surveys, supplemented by banks, jury appreciated PKO Bank Polski SA for the retail banking business by highlighting it in the category of private banking.
Mobile Banking Leader In the 14th edition of the ranking "Newsweek Friendly Bank" PKO Bank Polski SA was recognized for mobile banking functionality of winning a prize in the category "mobile banking". IKO application and mobile service iPKO allow customers of PKO Bank Polski SA service account and basic banking products and to make transactions from a mobile phone. Available for smartphones, mobile service iPKO is a simplified version of the Internet system iPKO, and the application of IKO combines the functions of mobile banking with the possibility of payment. The study was carried out by "mystery shopper". By checking the mobile auditors evaluated the offer mostly friendly navigation, usability and innovation applications, the efficiency of contact with the bank, duration of operation and new services and functionality. Ranking was realized in cooperation with research company Millward Brown.
The best innovation in payments around the world In the third edition of the international competition "Distribution & Marketing Innovation in Retail Financial Services" project "From IKO to Blik" - the transformation of mobile applications developed by IKO PKO Bank Polski SA, the market standard payment BLIK - was recognized as the best innovation in payments. Recognition of bankers from around the world was garnered primarily by the interaction of competitors, far-reaching vision and the ability to generate own innovative solutions. The competition rewards the best and most innovative projects in the area of retail financial services and marketing in the world. For this year's edition there were 500 projects submitted out of 200 banks from 59 countries around the world.
2015 Quality Recognition Award for PKO Bank Polski SA PKO Bank Polski SA was awarded the 2015 Quality Recognition Award for the highest quality commercial and interbank transfers in US dollars realized in 2015 with JPMorgan Chase Bank in New York - one of the largest US financial institutions. The award is a proof of professional transaction services. The award is granted to few banks in the world that realize a high percentage of messages directed to JPMorgan Chase Bank of New York, which do not require manual intervention. JPMorgan award this prize since 1997 customers with the highest quality of operating service.
Silver winner in SAP Quality Awards 2015 competition The project to implement a new integrated HR and payroll system in PKO Bank Polski SA received the award in the international contest of SAP Quality Awards 2015 in the category rapid implementation. Only six months remained in the Bank's SAP project implementation process and was one of the shortest of projects of this type on the market. SAP is a system of human capital management. Effective and comprehensive tool combining the functions of hard and soft HR. It is one of the most effective systems of this type checking in large enterprises.
PKO Bank Polski SA Banking Leader of the IT in Financial Institutions  In the thirteenth edition of the "IT Leader of Financial Institutions", among several dozen reported last year IT implementations in financial institutions "Gazeta Bankowa" jury appreciated PKO Bank Polski SA for its involvement in the landmark project for the Polish financial market - to initiate and lead to the creation of the company's PSP (Polish Standard payments) and the launch of mobile payment system BLIK.
Brokerage services
Dom Maklerski PKO Bank Polski SA Broker of the Year 2014 PKO Bank Polski SA Brokerage House - Gala "Summary of the Exchange Year 2014" - was awarded a special prize Broker of the Year in 2014 and the prizes: the highest turnover animator session trading in non-Treasury bonds on the Catalyst market and for the highest share in a thinly traded market maker options.
Dom Maklerski PKO Bank Polski SA best brokerage house Parkiet, Polish financial market top title, the organizer of the contest Bulls and Bears awarded Brokerage PKO Bank Polski SA for the effective pursuit of the position and development of the offer. It recognizes the strong position of Brokerage PKO Bank Polski SA in the retail market, introducing an attractive offer in terms of WIG20 futures intraday including deposit and low transaction costs, as well as a full range of access to trading on mobile devices and involvement in numerous training courses for investors.
Financial results
Financing Entity of the Year PKO Bank Polski SA won the contest Diamonds Polish Infrastructure Financing Entity of the Year category. They appreciated the exemplary cooperation in the field of financing investments in infrastructure. The aim of the competition organized by the Executive Club is to honour companies and leaders in the Polish market infrastructure for outstanding achievements in the industry.
Pillar of the budget PKO Bank Polski SA was awarded the "Pillar of the Budget". "Rzeczpospolita" this award recognizes financial institutions and companies paying the highest taxes. The award is part of the annual ranking of the largest companies in the Polish economy - "List of 500". Last year, the Bank paid nearly PLN 800 million income tax and was the largest payer of income tax among financial institutions and third among all companies in the ranking. In this year's ranking " List of 500" PKO Bank Polski SA moved up one position and was in the top ten. With sales revenues reaching nearly PLN 15 billion and a net profit of PLN 3.25 billion also took first place on the list of the largest entities Polish banking sector. 
50 largest banks in Poland PKO Bank Polski SA consecutive year won the ranking of the Financial Monthly BANK - "50 largest banks in Poland." He was the best in terms of total assets, which last year amounted to nearly PLN 250 million. This year's 20th edition of the ranking of the Financial Monthly BANK - "50 largest banks in Poland 2015" our Bank won in the category "Banks that finance real estate" and "Consumer Finance". Ranking is created by unrelated Edited by market analysts based on financial data banks for the previous year.
Book of Lists According to the ranking of the "Book of Lists 2014" prepared by "Warsaw Business Journal" PKO Bank Polski SA is the best domestic bank, which was the winner in the category "Banks in Poland". For several years, the Bank has been a leader in this category. Book of Lists is the largest and longest present on the Polish market publication (over 20 years), which is in the form of charts presenting over 2 000 companies and institutions from various sectors of business in Poland. Every year are highlighted in the best, largest and most dynamic enterprises.
Star of Banking PKO Bank Polski SA was awarded two prizes- for business structure and a pace of development in the ranking of Dziennik Gazeta Prawna "Stars of Banking" 2014 achieved the best results in the category of business structure, standing out in terms of loans and deposits complex. Financial data relating, among others, with annual growth: revenue, net income, equity and the increase in the number of customers well certify the pace of development and brought the Bank award in the category growth rate.
Pearls of the Polish economy PKO Bank Polski SA was awarded in the ranking of Polish companies and received the title of Pearl of the Polish Economy in the category of "pearls of the financial sector." Bank was recognized for the consistent implementation of the policy and strategy and leadership among the most dynamic and efficient companies in Poland. Ranking prepared by "Polish Market" in collaboration with the Warsaw School of Economics, is based on a survey conducted among representatives of economic entities - companies from the list of "Pearls of the Polish Economy" and individuals. Based on the results, editors selected the best players in three categories: banks, insurers and leasing companies. When choosing the winners both the number of indications, as well as an assessment of the cooperation with the institution were taken into account.
TOP Brand Leader PKO Bank Polski SA is the most common and best described in the media sector body bankowego- due to the eighth ranking of the "Top Brand". The aim prepared by the magazine "Press" statement is to identify the most popular brands in the press and online media. On our Bank within a month on average it appears more than 4.2 thousand information in the media and on Internet portals. In the analysed period July 2014 to June 2015, media and netizens especially widely described and commented on topics related to the integration of Nordea Bank Poland SA, the mobile payment system and business sponsorship. According to a study equivalent advertising for all publications in which he was cited PKO Bank Polski SA it is the highest among banks and amounts to PLN 172 million.
EFFIE Awards for PKO Bank Polski SA Silver and bronze were awarded campaigns PKO Bank Polski SA at this year's EFFIE AWARDS 2015 in the category Business-To-Business highlights campaign to promote corporate banking "Together, we see more", realized in cooperation with the Bank's clients - representatives of renowned Polish companies from different industries and branches of the economy. In the section Banking - Brown received a spot clear of PKO Visa credit card, "Stone from the Heart". Once again appreciated was consistent and clear marketing strategy PKO Bank Polski SA. EFFIE is one of the highlights of the marketing communications industry. Rewards brands market success achieved by the implemented advertising campaigns. Competition is organized by the Association of Marketing Communication SAR.
The most valuable brand Victory in the category "Finance", third place overall in the ranking of Polish brands and brand value of PKO Bank Polski SA, valued at PLN 3.6 billion – this are the results of the newest ranking of "Rzeczpospolita" daily. From the first ranking in 2006, the value of our flagship brand has tripled, and increased PLN 2.4 billion. For the purposes of ranking worldwide used method of royalties has been adapted. It is based on hypothetical charges incurred by the brand user had he benefited from the brand under license. Such fees are determined in relation to net sales. 
PKO Bank Polski SA HR Hero The Bank won in the category the most successful HR year in the competition HR Hero. The jury recognized the connection PKO Bank Polski SA with Nordea Bank Poland SA. In particular, initiatives that have been implemented for the integration of employees, building a common organizational culture and creating a consistent working conditions in one organization. In organized by the Employer Branding Institute, the contest awards the best practices in the field of HR, a unique contribution to the development of HR projects, innovatively designed and well implemented HR strategies in various areas.
PKO Bank Polski SA the most desirable employer according to students Once again PKO Bank Polski SA was among the most desirable employers in the "Employer of the Year 2014" organized by the international student organization AIESEC. He took first place in the group of companies in the banking sector and fourth overall. He was also one of the two Polish companies in the top ten rankings. The study was attended by students of 32 universities in Poland. Among the most important factors in selecting a desired employer students pointed mainly: good atmosphere, financial conditions, job satisfaction. It is important for them to also clear career path, promotion criteria and opportunities for training and professional development. Respondents also guided by the image of the company and its activity in the market.
PKO Bank Polski SA among the most desirable employer The fifth edition of Antal International "The most desirable employer in the opinion of specialists and managers" PKO Bank Polski SA took third place in the group desirable employers in banking and insurance. The study examined the management style and organizational culture in the company, innovation, stability of employment, the possibility of training and promotion, salary, location, work-life balance, as well as benefits such as medical care or life insurance. A unique feature of the study is the possibility of individual respondents indicate any, meets the required criteria of the company, as the most desirable employer (in the questionnaire does not have a selection list).
The Best Employer in Poland Once again PKO Bank Polski SA was appreciated by the students. In the prestigious ranking of employers - Universum Student Survey - he was among the best employers in Poland in the business category. In this survey of more than 23 thousand students and nearly 9 thousand professionals made individual assessments of employers. Participants in the survey will determine its expectations with respect to future employers and pointed their opinion ideal having seven categories: Business, Engineering, IT, Humanities, Science, Law and Medicine and Pharmacy. Among the companies awarded this title were, in addition to our Bank, among others, Google Poland, Skanska, Bayer, TVN and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
The Best of the Best The third year in a row Annual Report of PKO Bank Polski SA was awarded a special prize "The Best of the Best" in the competition for the best annual report published by the Institute of Accounting and Taxes. Distinction Annual Report for 2014 is proof of the highest quality annual reports of the Bank. The jury appreciated its value in use for investors Warsaw Stock Exchange, the use of IFRS/IAS and the publication on the Internet (version html) emphasizing the highest quality in all areas assessed. The recognition gained completeness, consistency and a clear and logical presentation of data (including strategies and forecasts of the risk and application of corporate governance).
The Leader of Philanthropy PKO Bank Polski SA once again in a row was honoured in the "Leaders of Philanthropy" contest. He finished second in category of companies that have provided the most funds for social purposes over the years. The contest "Leaders of Philanthropy" is organized by the Donors Forum in Poland. Its purpose is to honour organizations that engage the most in social activities, thus contributing to the promotion of the idea of social involvement of enterprises.
PKO Bank Polski SA awarded for financial education for youngsters In the "People and Institutions of the Financial Market 2015" PKO Bank Polski SA was awarded for the financial education of children and the introduction of SKO among children and adolescents. The jury appreciated the Bank for conducting consistent financial education and dedicated products, i.e. PKO Junior and School Savings Bank, as well as a modern form of education supported by communication activities, i.e. blog platform or quarterly "Brawo Bank" - paper and mobile versions and a special tab on the portal Bankodzieci on the financial education website Bankomania. The competition "People and Institutions of the Financial Market 2015" was initiated by the CFA Society Poland - association of professional financial managers and newspaper "Parkiet".
Educational Initiative of the Year School Savings (SKO) conducted for 80 years by PKO Bank Polski SA were considered "Educational Initiative of the Year". In SKO attended by more than 4.6 thousand educational institutions, or every third Polish primary school and the number is steadily growing. The program is attractive to children and helps financial education, which is essential and greatly facilitates making rational financial decisions in adulthood. The prize was awarded unanimously by the Jury will be composed of 13 teachers - the winners of the contest "Teacher of the Year" in previous years.
Bankomania awarded in the contest Agape In Bulletins Corporate Contest publishing agency Agape 2015 award in the category Electronic Bulletin External website Bankomania PKO Bank Polski SA. The jury appreciated the wide selection of topics, professionally prepared texts and visual appeal, by which he gains more and more readers. Granted Bank award is further proof that Bankomania skillfully and professionally consistently pursues the idea of a medium of information and education for everyone, overlooks the front of the tastes and needs of the users.
PKO Bank Polski SA appreciated for supporting the Capital Market Leaders Academy The Foundation named Lesław A. Paga honoured PKO Bank Polski SA for long-term commitment to the Capital Market Leaders Academy, contributing to community development of the capital market of young professionals who are guided by the highest standards of professional and ethical standards. The Bank has been supporting educational projects and cooperates with academic centres.
Strategic Patron of the Year 2015 Warsaw Philharmonic honoured PKO Bank Polski SA, a special award for supporting her artistic activities, contributing to the most outstanding performances of artists. The Bank has been cooperating with the Philharmonic in Warsaw. For three seasons patron of the arts is its Strategic Patron.
Prizes awarded to other entities from the Group
PKO BP BANKOWY PTE SA – Pension Manager 2015 Central and Eastern Europe PKO BP BANKOWY PTE SA was awarded the title of Pension Manager 2015 Central and Eastern Europe, awarded by the magazine Institutional Investor - in the annual competition European Investment Management Awards. The aim of the awards is to identify and reward those managers who excel in their managed companies innovative strategies and impressive industry experience, which translates into a positive perception by investors. Editorial Board and the jury for its decision to award the prize PKO BP BANKOWY PTE SA justified by very good investment results, as well as the difficult conditions under which they were placed open pension funds, after the transfer of certain assets to the Social Insurance Institution (ZUS).
PKO BP BANKOWY PTE SA awarded by the Warsaw Stock Exchange PKO BP BANKOWY PTE SA received the prestigious award the Stock Exchange in Warsaw, for the use of the widest range of information products Stock Exchange. PKO BP BANKOWY PTE SA making investment decisions with regard to the involvement of assets in the capital market are used, inter alia, data and information obtained from the Stock Exchange.
Awards „ALFA 2014” for selected funds PKO TFI SA Three sub-funds managed by PKO TFI SA received awards under the "ALFA 2014", including PKO Stable Growth in the category of stable growth funds, PKO Balanced Plus in the category of balanced funds and PKO Strategic Allocation for active allocation funds. Awards and prizes for the best funds are granted by an independent research centre analyses Online. Each fund is rated for efficiency, repeatability of results and the level of costs.
PKO TFI SA – 2nd place in the best TFI’s ranking by weekly “Wprost” PKO TFI SA took second place in the ranking of the best TFI’s by weekly “Wprost”. In the ranking the following were evaluated: profit to risk ratio, recurrence of results, professional experience of managers and the balance of cash flows. In the same ranking in the category of best universal equity funds the second place was taken by PKO Action Plus.
PKO TFI SA – 2nd place in IKE ranking by „Rzeczypospolita” daily In the ranking of TFIs offering Individual Retirement Account (IKE) in the form of a fund organized by the “Rzeczpospolita” daily, PKO TFI SA took the second place. Estimated were rate of return, offer and charges.
PKO TFI SA – 2nd place in IKE ranking by “Analizy Online” Individual Retirement Account (IKE) in PKO TFI SA offered under the Pension Package (IKE + IKZE (Personal Account for retirement provision)) took second place in the ranking organized by Analizy Online- an independent research group on the investment funds market. This product has been highly evaluated primarily for the lowest cost among all offered IKE, efficient management, an interesting offer and offering of the above mentioned product in the package, which allows also to invest in IKZE and WPI (specialized investment program).
PKO TFI SA – 3rd place in TFI ranking by „Rzeczpospolita” daily PKO TFI SA took third place in the ranking of TFIs by “Rzeczpospolita” daily. The ranking took into account the rate of returns of open-end funds and specialized open end funds, operating on the market for at least five years. Editors gave a score for the best five results in six groups of funds: shares, SME shares, balanced, stable growth, bonds and money market.
High grades for funds managed by PKO TFI SA given by “Analizy Online” In 2015, Analizy Online confirmed the high quality of the funds managed by PKO TFI SA granting seven funds 4 or 5 stars. Funds with grade of the 4 and 5 stars are, according to the Analizy Online the ones that deserve to be added to the investors’ portfolio. Awarded are the following funds: PKO Technologii i Innowacji Globalny (5 stars), PKO Akcji Małych i Średnich Spółek (5 stars), PKO Akcji Plus (5 stars), PKO Akcji Nowa Europa (4 stars), PKO Zrównoważony (4 stars), PKO Stabilnego Wzrostu (4 stars) oraz PKO Papierów Dłużnych Plus (4 stars).
Distinctions for leasing and factoring products of the PKO Leasing SA Group Product PKO Auto Express was honoured by the editors of Gazeta Finansowa the "Best Product for Business 2015" and the "Best Product for SME 2015" in the category of leasing. The product " Faktoring dla MSP " was awarded by the editors of Gazeta Finansowa the "Best Product for Business 2015" in the category of factoring.
1st place for KREDOBANK SA in the Forbes ranking of the safest banks in 2015 KREDOBANK SA for the second time in a row took first place in the ranking of the most secure, resilient in banks in Ukraine, conducted by Forbes Ukraine. In the latest edition of the ranking covering the first half of 2015 27 largest Ukrainian banks were taken into account together controlling 86% of sector assets. KREDOBANK SA received from the experts of Forbes highest possible rating of A. Analysed was, among others, profitability, liquidity and capitalization ratios.
High positions of KREDOBANK SA in ranking of the "50 leading Ukrainian banks” KREDOBANK SA in the latest ranking of the "50 leading Ukrainian banks" organized by "Klub loss" took the high places in several categories, including: 3rd place in the category of "Overdraft" and "Autoloans" and 8th in the category "Internet-banking" and "loans for small and medium business". The overall summary took the 13th place among 50 leading Ukrainian banks.

Brand value of PKO Bank Polski SA according to valuation of Rzeczpospolita (billion PLN)