Sponsorship activities of PKO Bank Polski SA

Sponsorship activities realised by PKO Bank Polski SA are aimed at building the image of the Bank as a reliable financial institution, socially engaged, modern and open to the needs of its clients. By almost century-long history, the Bank is particularly predestined to participate in projects that promote the common good, make closer to the society our heritage, culture, art. The experience and leadership in the financial market obliges also to help young people to face the future challenges and achieving success in the implementation of innovative projects, determining the directions of development of Polish science and entrepreneurship.

In 2015, Bank completed 277 projects of different scale: national - communicated in the media, supported by promotional activities, but also smaller, dedicated to local communities, which is difficult to obtain funds for the organization of meetings with culture, exhibitions, Science Picnics.

The largest share of Bank sponsorship budget is being spent on support of culture and education - more than 40% of the total budget of the project and the organization of sports project ‘PKO biegajmy razem’ - approx. 25%.

Sponsorship of culture and arts

Support of the development of art and culture is an important tool for managing corporate social responsibility - which is an significant element of the strategy of PKO Bank Polski SA. It changes the image of the institution and provides the satisfaction of action in line with the slogan : Beauty should be supported because it’s created by a few but needed by many ( J. W. Goethe).

The Bank engages in interesting cultural events and supports numerous cultural institutions throughout the country. Activities include establishing sponsorship cooperation, patronage of the exhibition, festivals or support of literary and journalistic contests. As the largest Polish bank, we try to make our projects effect on shaping of our society patriotic values, strengthen the link with Polish heritage, expand the knowledge of Polish history and undertake the key social aspects.

Key sponsorship actions in this area:

1) Cooperation with cultural institutes

Bank provides support to numerous cultural institution in Poland such as museums, theatres, opera theatres, concert halls. Repertoire events of individual institutions attracts large audience of music lovers and art lovers among local, national and international communities.

  • National Museum in Warsaw.
    In 2015, the Bank continued patronage of modernized Gallery of Medieval Art, which proved to be one of the most popular permanent exhibitions. Gallery exhibits the richest collection from the Middle Ages in Poland. In cooperation with the National Museum, Bank acquired the patronage of temporary exhibition "The avant-garde pope. Tadeusz Peiper in Spain , Poland and in Europe. ". The exhibition presented artistic relationships between avant-garde art and literature of the early twentieth century, taking as reference the work of Tadeusz Peiper, a prominent poet, critic and art theorist.
  • Patronage over collection of Polish kings portraits painting by Professor Waldemar Świerzy and the exhibition titled „Nowy poczet władców Polski. Świerzy kontra Matejko” organized at the Royal Castle in Warsaw.
  • A collection of 49 portraits because of its character, is considered to be a practical lesson in the history and appeals to the imagination of contemporary audiences, including schoolchildren.
  • Meeting with the masterpiece.
    The project is carried out in cooperation with the Raczyński Library in Poznan, one of the oldest libraries in Poland, where the book collection consists of valuable manuscripts, old prints and graphics. Raczynski Library, thanks to the patronage of PKO Bank Polski SA, presents the most beautiful and most precious national and European oldest written texts.
  • Collaboration with the National Philharmonic Hall.
    In the past year Bank was acting as the Strategic Patron of National Philharmonic Hall, sponsored symphonic concert with the participation of Leszek Możdżer, an symphonic concert dedicated to the works of Karol Szymanowski , and once again, Carol concert with the participation of the National Philharmonic Choir under the direction of prof. Henryk Wojnarowski.
  • Collaboration with the National Forum of Music in Wroclaw, supported also by the Minister of Culture and National Heritage, the Municipality of Wroclaw and Province of Dolnośląskie.
    In September 2015, modern , multi-purpose building NFM was completed, in which the Host organized a series of musical and art events and many educational projects. In 2016, NFM will host all the musical projects related to the initiative under the name of Wroclaw - European Capital of Culture.
  • Cooperation with other opera theatres as the Krakow Opera, Opera Nova in Bydgoszcz, Podlaska Opera and Philharmonic -European Art Centre in Białystok and Opera at the Castle in Szczecin. The Bank also took the patronage of the Philharmonic of Warmia and Mazury by name of Feliks Nowowiejski in Olsztyn.
  • Other theaters: Polish Theatre by name of Arnold Szyfman in Warsaw, Theatre by name of Stefan Jaracz in Łodz, Summer Stock Theatre W. Gombrowicz in Gdynia.

2) Support organization of music festivals

  • The Bank actively supports important musical events in the country. Classical music teaches sensitivity , inspires and influences shaping the tastes of Poles. It is also an important part of life , an effective antidote to the noisy everyday life. Bank patronized many festivals with the participation of world-class artists acclaimed by crowds of music lovers. Here are the most important ones:
  • Bydgoszcz Opera Festival - organized since 1994 by Opera Nova in Bydgoszcz is the most important musical event in the Kujawsko-Pomorskie region, whose repertoire includes operas, ballets operettas and musicals. Bydgoszcz Opera Festivals are held in the most modern equipped opera theatre. The beautiful scene of the Opera Nova in Bydgoszcz holds annual spring meetings both for national opera houses and foreign choirs.
  • Summer Opera Festival Krakow - the festivals tradition are concerts held in the courtyard of the Wawel Royal Castle, titled "The world aria operas" and the international ballet galas. In recent years, the festival created three large, open-air show performed by artists of Polish and international opera houses, those are the attractions of Krakow Opera Summer Festival.
  • Colours of Poland - Łódź Philharmonic of Arthur Rubinstein festival titled ‘Colours of Poland’. 2015 is the sixteenth edition of the event, enabling the combination of listening to music with a tour of historical sites in the region of Łódź. Concerts were held in non-standard scenes, such as: old churches and monasteries, castles, as well as outdoors. During the concerts you can hear, among others, original projects inspired by old and folk art, unconventional classical music concerts, family, jazz and electro concerts.
  • Wratislavia Cantans – for half a century Wratislavia Cantans in Wroclaw is the most important festival of classical music in Central and Eastern Europe. Years ago, it was the only chance of meeting of world-class artists behind the iron curtain. In 2015, for the first time in the history of Wratislavia , the audience and the musicians had at their disposal a concert hall on the global level - the National Music Forum - a space in which composition of vocal and instrumental play sounds beautiful. On the occasion of the jubilee concert, reconstruction of the first edition was made. Other festivals organized by NFM Wroclaw are: Jazztopad, Musica Polonica Nova, Musica Electronica Nova, Forum Musicum, Leo Festival, the Academy of Ancient Music, the International Music Festival of the Vienna Singing Europe.
  • International Music Festival in Mielec - a unique festival, appreciated by critics and musicians. In addition to organ concerts during the festival there are concerts of soloists, chamber ensembles, choirs and orchestras.
  • XXXVII National Festival of Music former Schola Cantorum - festival organized in Kalisz is an important cultural and educational event, attended by secondary school and high school students. It is the only event in Poland in which music school students, present the works of past epochs: from the Middle Ages to the Baroque.

3) Supporting the organization of film festivals

  • In 2011, the Bank initiated an patronage for the preservation and popularization of achievements of Polish cinematography. In the first period, the Bank intensively participated in the digital restoration of classic Polish films program. In subsequent years ‘film project’ was filled with festival events:
  • Film Festival in Gdynia - the fourth time the Bank was the main sponsor of the event. During the event, the guests took part in the premier of digitally reconstructed film ‘I do not like Mondays’ which has been accomplished with support of the Bank. Before the show, there was a meeting with the director Tadeusz Chmielewski , whom during the Closing Gala of the Festival was awarded the ‘Platinum Lions’. This prize is awarded to Polish filmmakers in recognition for lifetime artistic achievements.
  • International Festival of Independent Cinema PKO Off Camera – the Bank was the titular partner of the festival.
  • Script Pro - is a competition which aim is to support writers at the beginning of their careers. Competition finalists will receive scholarships funded by the Polish Film Institute and the use of scenario consultations conducted by the Wajda School and Studio.
  • 33rd International Young Audience Film Festival Ale Kino! - The festival is organized by the Children's Art Centre in Poznan. The festival promotes valuable films from around the world that showcase the richness and diversity of theatre for children and youth. Several award-winning films in Poznan already received an Oscar nomination.

4) Sponsorship participation in literary and journalistic projects

The Bank treats patronage as a special privilege to support authorities, artists, masters of words - also socially involved. Bank sponsors events commemorating important figures who contributed to shaping the tastes of successive generations of Poles. The most important competitions of literature and journalism:

  • Kisiel Awards – For several years PKO Bank Polski SA is a strategic partner ‘Kisiel Awards’, whose were initiated by writer and journalist Stefan Kisielewski. Awards - in three categories: politician, journalist, entrepreneur, are received by people who in their work can boast remarkable achievements.
  • Phrases - Festival of words in the songs, inspired by the work of Jacek Kaczmarski, organized for the first time by the Raczynski Library in Poznan. During the festival an contest took place for young talents by name of Jacek Kaczmarski in the category of sung poetry.
  • Music Competition and the Literary Debuts Competition organized by the Polish Radio Bialystok, whose goal is to discover new talent and literary commemoration of the poet and radio station journalist.
  • Grand Press 2015 - Bank for the third time , was the sponsor of the Grand - Press Journalist of the Year and the Grand Gala organized by Press. The event Grand Press Economy prizes were funded by the Bank for the best economic journalist of 2015.


Education and support for science is the natural direction of Bank sponsorship - the employer, open to young people, learning organization and the developer of employee skills. Bank cooperates with universities and educational institutions across the country. The beneficiaries are pupils and students from various Polish regions. Bank has been actively involved in the implementation of educational projects and research aimed at, among others, entrepreneurship education and innovation.

The main projects in this area:

  • 'My first business before the 20th' - a project organized by the Higher School of Banking in Wroclaw, addressed to secondary school students, and its aim is the practical learning of entrepreneurship and innovation. Youth designs e-shop and a board game,
  • School Online Stock Market Game (SOSMG) - a new project on the list of the Bank sponsorship projects, which is an investment simulation game that teaches young people to invest in the stock market,
  • Contest on Poland and The Modern World - for many years, Bank supports one of the oldest contests, covered the honorary patronage of the President of Poland. The most important recognition for Olympics Winners are indexes of almost all universities in Poland, opening the way for a number of social sciences, economics, law and the humanities,
  • Championship with the participation of information teams from the University of Warsaw - once again, the Bank supported the participation of teams in the Academic Championships of Central Europe Programming Contest, where for 10 positions, the team UW took 1, 7 and 8 place in Academic Championship of Programming Contest - a prestigious competition information technology in the world, promoting talented and ambitious students. In the last edition of the championship computer scientists team from the University of Warsaw had won the bronze medal,
  • Mars Rover - students of Bialystok University of Technology took up the challenge and once again built a Martian rover. The vehicle won the 4th place in the University Rover Challenge 2015 contest held in the United States and 2nd place in European competition Rover Challenge 2015
  • Colourful University - a project organized by the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań, dedicated to the children of primary schools and aims to present in accessible form of various fields of science,
  • Bydgoszcz Science Festival - a festival organized by the University of Bydgoszcz, the aim of which is to promote Science among the inhabitants of Bydgoszcz.

Sports sponsorship

1) Implementation of the Bank's own program ‘PKO race along’

Under the ‘PKO race along’, which has been organized since 2013, the Bank encourages Poles to common activity. Bank wants to show that running is the best deposit interest rate that a lifetime is expected to generate profits in the form of well-being. Running, especially long distance, shapes the character, developing the condition, it teaches humility and perseverance in the pursuit of the goal. Running can also provide help to the needy, through participation in charity events organized by the Bank during each sponsored runs.

In 2015, the program held dozens of running events throughout the country, among which the most important were:

  • PKO Wroclaw Marathon, Half Marathon PKO Night Wroclaw, PKO Silesia Marathon, PKO Poznan marathon and cross-country series: PKO Rzeszow Runs and PKO Grand Prix of Gdynia. Special attention deserves those commemorating historical events for example Warsaw Triad Race ‘Zabiegaj o pamięć’, which consists of three runs: Constitution of May 3 Run, the Warsaw Uprising Run and Independence Run.
  • PKO Run charity - the first edition of the course organized by the Bank, in 12 Polish cities in the same time. Participants ran for malnourished children. Runners overcame 26 720 stadiums laps in total and contributed to the donation of PLN 632 thousand by the PKO Bank Polski SA Foundation for meals for children.
  • Every Saturday at 9.30 at more than 80 athletic stadiums throughout the country, regardless of the weather conditions and the number of volunteers, there were a free cross-country meetings as part of BiegamBoLubię, of which PKO Bank Polski SA is a strategic partner. Classes taught by professional trainers were available to all who wanted to take care of good form and well-being.
  • Taking part in events sponsored by PKO Bank Polski SA, the participants could join the charity , ‘I'm running for...’ for people in need of support in saving the life or health. After finishing - a set number of participants - running with pinned card ‘I'm running for...’ Foundation PKO Bank Polski SA donated money to the designated target. From 2013 it held 147 such shares, and the Foundation PKO Bank Polski SA has supported 153 beneficiaries with the amount of more than PLN 2.1 million.

2) Sponsorship participation in other sports initiatives

Besides running events, which definitely dominated in the category of sports sponsorship, the Bank also supported other prestigious sporting events such as:

  • Piast Race – already for the 39 time. In the first weekend of March in Szklarska Poręba - Jakuszyce there was an annual Piast Race - the oldest and most popular ski run in Poland, which was attended by approx. 6,000 runners. In the course together with other riders, employees of the banking industry participated, including representatives of the Bank,
  • Cavaliada - is a series of International Horse Jumping Contest, enjoying immense popularity among the audience. It is the largest event of its kind in Poland. In 2015, the Bank was the main sponsor of the event, consisting of three stages: the competition in Poznań, Lublin and finals of the competition in Warsaw.
  • Sea Days in Szczecin - PKO Bank Polski was the main sponsor of the spectacular events addressed to families. By the elegant Szczecin waterfront exceptional yachts and sailboats were docked. The event was visited by over 100 thousand of people.

Activities related to the sector

The Bank is involved in leading undertakings related to the sector, thus intensifying its promotional activities supporting sales of the offered products and services. Participation of representatives of the Bank in the substantive discussions of important themes for business environments, confirms the Bank's position as a leader in the financial market.

Examples of such initiatives include:

  • Business Competitions: Entrepreneur of the Year - organized by EY, Polish Company - International Champion, organized by PwC and Young Brand Success - implemented by the publisher of Rzeczpospolita daily . The involvement of PKO Bank Polski SA in promoting young Polish brands confirms the belief that the development of social capital shall be made in the ability to build a modern economy,
  • A series of meetings ‘Capital for Development’ - carried out with the Warsaw Stock Exchange SA. Meetings were held in 16 provincial cities, and they were attended by entrepreneurs, local government, representatives of non-governmental organizations, universities and the media. The aim of the meetings was to popularize the collection of own resources for the implementation of EU programs through the capital market,
  • The Economic Forum in Krynica the Bank has been a partner XXV Krynica Economic Forum - one of the most important annual economic events in Poland,
  • Cooperation with the Group Azoty SA - initiated a three-year program ‘Land is knowledge’, whose aim is to promote optimal fertilization technology, as well as the development of new technologies of fertilization and fertilizing products tailored to the needs of Polish agriculture,
  • II Eastern Economic Congress - the biggest event of substantive directed to the eastern regions of the country. Guests of the project are entrepreneurs from the eastern provinces and from the eastern border. Congress facilitates the exchange of experience and is the starting point for new businesses,
  • Retail Banking Congress - PKO Bank Polski SA once again involved in the Congress, holding the title of the General Partner's eighth edition,
  • D-RAFT Corporate Demo Day - in the past year the Bank has become a partner to the initiative to present the most interesting technological solutions and the promotion of cooperation of largest corporations with leading European start-ups,
  • other conferences supported by the Bank in 2015: Warsaw Capital Market Summit, WallStreet 19, Professional Investor, V European Congress of Finance, CFO IV Congress of SEG Listed Companies, Chemical Industry Summit & Awards Gala, II Congress of Polish chemistry.

In addition to large, nationwide concept sponsorship programs, the Bank participates in small projects of great importance for local communities. These actions serve to integrate communities, building a platform for the exchange of experiences, development of entrepreneurship among locals. All initiatives contribute to the strengthening of the Bank's image as an institution involved in community development and care for the needs of customers.